TTC Timeline

TTC Timeline:


September 2013:   Receive my Diminished Ovarian Reserve diagnosis.  Decide to ttc naturally for six months before pursuing other options.

April 2014:  Nothing happened so IVF it is!  Multiple tests performed over the next few months – HSG, hysterosonogram, hysteroscopy, countless bloodwork, etc., etc.

August 2014:  IVF#1 – total bust.  Cycle was cancelled due to poor response.  Sadness.

September 2014:  IVF#2 – another bust.  Cycle was canceled and I was converted to an IUI.  Two IUI’s were performed back to back.  BFN.

March 2015:  After a break to regroup emotionally and financially, it’s on to IVF#3.  Success!  Sort of.  Retrieved 5 eggs.  3 made it to Day 5.  1 was genetically normal and was frozen.  The little embie that could.

June 2015:  IVF#4 – cancelled.

September 2015: IVF#5 – cancelled.  We’ve hit the end of the road for stimulation cycles.  There’s just no exciting these tired eggs.

Fall 2016 – Tentative FET for our frozen embie.  Please pray/keep some positive thoughts for us!

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